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Painting and coating

Meticulous paint and coating applications for aeronautical components

At Nétur, we don’t just develop, machine, and assemble aeronautical parts, we paint them and treat them using special processes. We do our own parts and can also subcontract our services to support your value chain. Our state-of-the-art tools and facilities enable us to paint your aircraft parts using .

Painting Processes

Pratt & Whitney Héroux-Devtek Rolls Royce Other
  • CPW489
  • CPW714
  • CPW715
  • CPW926

  • HPS170
  • HPS202
  • HPS211
  • RPS666
  • MIL-L-46010
  • MIL-P-23377
  • MIL-C-22750
  • MIL-C-48168
  • CPW731
  • CPW732

  • CPW27 (Anti-galling)
  • CPW37 (Anti-galling)
  • CPW325 (Compound phenolic)
  • CPW456 (Anti-galling)